Our Roots


Tony Douglas grew up maintaining and landscaping lawns in Kissimmee Florida. There he learned the trade from industry professionals. Tony had several years experience before he started his own business. In 2007 he got hitched and moved to his wife’s hometown of St. Louis, MO.

This is where Tony’s Lawn and Landscaping LLC was established in 2010, “Making St. Louis Beautiful” with one truck, a lawn mower, and other lawn essentials. He ran the business part-time  at first to make extra money for his growing family. He loves the industry so much that he finally decided to make it his career of choice.

Tony is not afraid of hard work and enjoys having a small family- owned business that he hopes to pass on to his children one day.  He and his wife now have 5 children: Leah (9), Ava (6), Ezra (5), Elijah (3),  and Isaac (1).

Thank you for supporting small business!