Customer Referral Program

Tony’s Lawn and Landscaping customers who make a qualified referral will receive a $25 gift card/certificate of their choice from the businesses listed below:



Home Depot

St. Louis Bread Company

Local Businesses 

Tony’s Lawn and Landscaping

Saga Toys

St. Vincent De Paul Thrift Store

Charity Option:

Looking to further help “Make St. Louis Beautiful”?

Instead of a gift card, Tony’s Lawn and Landscaping will donate $25 to the charity of your choice listed below:

Our Lady’s Inn


Crisis Aid International

Jefferson Barracks Food Pantry

Program Rules:

Tony’s Lawn and Landscaping customers are:

Regular mowing clients and/or have had satisfactory landscaping work done in the past (and are in our data base). These individuals are eligible to participate in the Customer Referral Program.

  1. The referred customer must live in Tony’s Lawn and Landscaping’s service area.
  2. Client referral cards with your name printed on the “referred by” line on the back of the card must be given to your referred customers.
  3. Once we have received the referred customer’s lawn payment or landscaping down payment with their referral card enclosed, we will contact you in order to mail the gift card/certificate of your choice.
  4. Only one gift card/certificate will be dispersed per referral. (If a referred customer becomes a lawn client and has landscaping work done, only one gift card will be rewarded)
  5. The same person cannot be referred more than once.
  6. The referral card 10% off coupon is for referred customers only. (If you are interested in coupons, promos and more sign up for our Tony’s Reward’s Club)


Interested in participating in the customer referral program? Need more referral cards? We will mail them for free! Contact us here.




All decisions concerning the interpretation and application of this program shall be made by Tony’s Lawn and Landscaping LLC and its decisions shall be final and binding. Tony’s Lawn and Landscaping LLC reserves the right to change, modify or discontinue the program at any time.